April 2008

Oil Industry Undermining Emissions Reduction Efforts

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Brussels - Oil companies have the potential to achieve more than 10 per cent cuts in greenhouse gas emissions by 2020 without using agrofuels, reveals a report launched today by Friends of the Earth Europe. [1] Released on the day Shell and BP announced combined [...]

Tesco carbon footprint study confirms organic farming�s energy efficiency but excludes key climate benefit of organic farming � soil carbon

A Vain Search For Principle in UK Media

Global Famine? Blame the Fed

Save Happy Valley Coalition - 1000km journey to Happy Valley

Disastrous Bush Policies Help Big Oil

Greenpeace discovers new species in threatened Bering Sea

Congratulations to ploughshares activists on deflation of Waihopai dome

NZ Households and SMEs Pay 90% of Emissions Related Charges

MIT tracks carbon footprints of different lifestyles

Researchers Discover a Legless Lizard in Brazil

CDC launch investigation on Morgellons� Disease

Historic EU vote against GMOs

DEADLY GREED: The Role of Speculators in the Global Food Crisis

Biofuel production is �criminal path� leading to global food crisis � UN expert

Have Scientists Discovered a Way of Peering Into the Future?

Genocide by Aspartame?

Amazonian Leaders and Supporters Stage a �Clean Up Operation� to Urge Occidental Petroleum To Remediate Its Toxic Disaster in the Peruvian Amazon

Amazon Indians Come to Calgary to Tell Talisman: No Drilling on Our Lands

Save Happy Valley Walk Completes 1000 Kms

Nuclear power belongs in the past

Making a killing from hunger

High Seas Bottom Trawl Controls Welcomed

Iraqi children are silent victims of ongoing violence, says UN envoy

Climate change hitting Arctic faster, harder

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