April 2009

The Energy of the Universe – the basis for the technology of the 21st century

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The STOP the Destruction of the World Association is pleased to announce the latest invention from the Keppe Motor team: Keppe Motor 3.0.This comes on the heels of our current Keppe Motor manuals and kits which have been well received worldwide. These previous versions have [...]

Irish Missionary Union calls for objection to ’pro-GMO’ Vatican study

The Character of The Four Torture Memos Released By The Department of Justice

Argentine scientist warning of health hazards of Monsanto’s herbicide receives threats

A food system that kills - Swine flu is meat industry’s latest plague

Obama Administration Finalizes Repeal of Bush’s Midnight Assault on Endangered Species Act

Conservation coalition debunks Coral Sea Heritage Park myths

The Wrong Torture Question

We Are All Torturers in America

Swine Flu Is Deadly Mix Of Never-Before-Seen Viruses

What Caused the Economic Crisis?

U.S. researchers’ ethics questioned for feeding Chinese children GE rice

An Odd Coincidence: Why Do So Many SOA Grads Become Death Squad Killers?

Danish Scientist on TV: Nano-thermite Behind Collapse of WTC Buildings on 9/11, Not Planes

A Pundit Tries to Excuse Torture

Naomi Klein on Obama’s First 90 Days: A Lexicon of Disappointment

Melting Ice: Regional Dramas, Global Wake-Up Call

Earth Day: No GMO Challenge Launches Today

ETC Group: We Have a Winner! Geo-engineering Contest Winner Announced

IDF admits operational mishaps in Gaza

Harvesting Waste Heat to Save the Climate

Obama’s Love Letter to CIA At Odds With Historical Record of Agency’s Crimes

Personal Torture Laws: Your Tax Dollars at Work

OANZ Organic News

Secretive Plans for the Issuing of a Global Currency

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