July 2009

Why Civilisations Collapse

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Modern society is technologically far superior to any that has gone before, we have all the means to head off the worst effects of climate change and adapt to those we cannot avoid. History tells us however that the most common reason societies collapse is [...]

Origins of the American Empire: Revolution, World Wars and World Order

Martial Law and the Militarization of Public Health: The Worldwide H1N1 Flu Vaccination Program

Afghanistan: Training Ground for War on Russia

Startling New Evidence That The ‘Swine Flu’ Pandemic Is Man-Made Novartis Patent Detailed And Mass Murder Charged

Flu Pandemic: Mass Graves and Martial Law

Very High Efficiency Solar Cells

Towards a Global Currency?

GM Watch launches new myth-busting website

The Hidden History of 9-11

Thought Control in Economics, hits the newsstands

Organic Agriculture Expands to Meet Growing Demand

NZ organic sector growing faster than expected

Rhys Darby puts poem to paper over climate change

“A Tale of Two Films” Reviews Food, Inc. and Fresh

New Science Heightens Concern over Children’s Exposures to Organophosphate Insecticides

Honduran President Zelaya must be RESTORED to power

Investigate Bush-Era Interrogation Abuses

Criminal Investigation into the Misdeeds of Former President George W. Bush

US Escalates War Plans In Latin America

Swine Flu: What I Believe

Ban Glyphosate Herbicides Now - Scientists Confirm Potent Hormone Disrupting Effects

NGOs denounce corporate greenwashing at Biotech meeting

NZ Agriculture Threatened by GM Animal Fodder

Shumei Natural Agriculture demonstration site features food sustainability, green roof and energy-saving elements

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