February 2008

Thailand’s dirty history

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HONG KONG, China,� The new prime minister of Thailand has outraged many by refusing to admit that an infamous massacre ever occurred. In two separate interviews Samak Sundaravej claimed that only one person died on Oct. 6, 1976, when police and paramilitaries stormed Thammasat University, [...]

Precious froglets arrive in time for Leap Year

World’s Largest Marine Protected Area Established

Sea Shepherd Launches Seal Defense Campaign 2008!

Secretary-General Ban welcomes accord ‘breakthrough’ in Kenya

Opportunity or Threat: The US Resettlement Offer for the Bhutanese Refugees

New Land Use Alliance Focussed on Planting Eroding Land

Security Council Should Take Decisive Action Against Sudan for Recent Attacks

Non-GM Breakthroughs Leave GM Behind

Wellington�s Air Quality Safety Agencies Are Dangerously Misleading

Serbia: Protect Civil Society and Minorities

UK Soil Association response to Horizon programme on Organics

Potential Health Hazards of Genetically Engineered Foods

Pesticides & Breast Cancer: A Wake Up Call

NZ relying on diesel generation in February

Show you care Fonterra - don�t pick up the milk

Orange roughy court decision show changes are needed

Bhutan: Start Of Government Crackdown

Arab League: Reject Proposal to Restrict Satellite Broadcasts

Miliband’s moment of truth

Svalbard’s Doomsday Vault: The Global Seed Vault Raises Political/Conservation Debate

Renewable Energy Accelerates Meteoric Rise 2007 Global Status Report Shows Perceptions Lag Reality

Compost can turn agricultural soils into a carbon sink - but no match to biochar

UK/US: Revelations about detention flights in Diego Garcia highlight need for full inquiry

Vast amounts of hazardous electronic waste unaccounted for

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