Globalism: a historical deception

The cave drawings accompanying Gideon Rachman’s article entitled ‘And now for a world government’ [BELOW] clearly illustrate a widespread misconception. It also demonstrates the cunning of one world- propagandists in the crafting of their arguments. We are shown typical Palaeolithic artistry: horses, warriors, deer and, portrayed on the very same rocky surface, a globe. It [...]

NZ Greenpeace Good Wood Guide launched

Auckland, New Zealand - Greenpeace today launched its online Good Wood Guide together with an updated ranking of outdoor furniture retailers. The guides are aimed at helping New Zealanders ensure they are not destroying rainforests or our climate when they buy their outdoor furniture or timber decking this summer.
The Good Wood Guide lists over 100 [...]

New Zealand Singled Out As ‘Stumbling Block’ As UN Climate Talks Close

Auckland, New Zealand - Greenpeace today challenged the New Zealand Government to take responsibility for action on climate change at the highest level, in the days and months leading to next year’s crucial UN climate meeting in Copenhagen.
Prior to the end of the talks in Poznan on Saturday, Tim Grosser the new Climate Negotiations Minister, [...]

NZ – a wolf in sheep’s clothing

The scientific imperative to act on climate change is growing by the day. Temperature
increases, global emissions and loss of ice at the Arctic and Antarctic have now overshot
scientists’ worst case scenarios. The Arctic icecap has entered what’s been called a
‘death spiral’. For the first time in human history, you can take a ship right around [...]

NZ – friend or foe of the US?

Auckland, New Zealand - New Zealanders should be seriously alarmed at the prospect of the National-led government damaging the country’s relationship with the United States over its stance on climate change. In a surprise speech to a Global Climate Summit in Los Angeles (1), US President-Elect Barack Obama has thrown down the gauntlet to global [...]

Government Must not weaken G.E. Rules that Protect New Zealand

The Incoming Government must not weaken the rigourous laws around genetically engineered organsims (GMO’s) that protect New Zealand’s status as a GE Free nation. With the advent of new governments in the US and New Zealand there appears to be mounting pressure to commercialise GE animals and crops.  Any discussions over commercialisation of GE that threaten our GE-Free reputation and future production [...]

Climate change – Nowhere to Hide

Auckland , New Zealand - Greenpeace is urging the newly elected National Party not to be held hostage to ACT’s Rodney Hide over climate change policy. “We have a very limited time to turn around this global crisis, and bowing to the demands of a blatant climate denier is not an option,” said Greenpeace Climate [...]

NZ Elections - How to vote for the Environment and Democracy

Having got bogged down in other work I have left it a bit late to personally blog on the NZ election, but better late than never. A full analysis of the party’s environmental policies has been done by ECO and Greenpeace and can be found at: Not surprisingly the Greens come out on top followed [...]

Labour and National fail ECO environmental test

Environmentalists from two major New Zealand environmental groups surveyed political party policies regarding New Zealand’s environment, but the two biggest parties in Parliament failed the test. “A Labour-led government may do more for the environment than a National-led one, but, judging by their commitments, the main parties will need the influence of the Maori Party [...]

Fed Farmers bites the hand that feeds

Auckland , New Zealand - Greenpeace has challenged Federated Farmers to tell consumers in its high yield export markets that it doesn’t give a toss about climate change. “Federated Farmers has released a manifesto calling for a renegotiation of both Kyoto and the New Zealand emissions trading scheme, to exclude farm animal emissions,” said Greenpeace [...]

Labour and National fail environmental test

New Zealand - New Zealand’s two biggest political parties have failed the environment test, put to them by two main New Zealand environmental groups. New Zealand’s two biggest political parties have failed the environment test, put to them by two main New Zealand environmental groups.
Greenpeace and ECO (1) surveyed all parties on a range of [...]

Would John Key stop this udder madness?

Auckland, New Zealand - Another inappropriate dairy conversion has occurred in New Zealand - this time on John Key’s front lawn. A dwindling pine forest, some dairy cows, several stumps and a truckload of Ready Lawn now adorn the land at Mr Key’s Helensville electorate office. A large billboard reads: “Would John stop this climate [...]

AgResearch for GE Animals to include Human and Monkey DNA - Chimera Abominations to Lead Clean & Green NZ Agriculture

Are you aware that the ERMA notified GE animals application seeks to produce commercial milk products. With the possibility of future small commercial GE animal farms to be set up in our region?  Government research institute AgResearch has applied to commercialise Genetically Modified (GE) animals  around New Zealand. They want to be able to recombine genes from different species, using cows, goats, [...]

Coke versus Pepsi not good enough anymore: Norman

An analysis of election media coverage in The Press today shows that TV news programmes are being bullied into cutting the MMP parties out of their content, Green Party Co-Leader Russel Norman says.
“The Press’ analysis confirms that collusion by Helen Clark and John Key has succeeded in bullying TV stations into unbalanced and unfair coverage [...]

‘GE Free New Zealand’ Stolen By Stealth

‘New Zealand as we know it’ will be lost as ERMA’s acceptance of the AgResearch applications to commercialise GE animals puts the country on a countdown to destruction. If approvedthe applications will result in the loss of the shared values and hopes of New Zealanders who will discover their vision of a clean, green, natural and GE-free country has [...]

New Zealand Farming and Climate Change

New Zealanders take immense pride in our farming sector, and so we should. Farming is part of who we are as a nation and it comprises a crucial slice of our economy. But agriculture also makes up half of all New
Zealand’s greenhouse gas emissions, with the ongoing corporatisation and intensification of the dairy sector by [...]

Report Shows Food Authority is Failing New Zealand

A new report shows the food authority ‘FSANZ’ is undermining the rights of New Zealanders to choose safe food, as well as threatening our safety-record for exports. The independent report into FSANZ’s operations in Australia has revealed a damning record of complicity and compromise in maintaining food standards that are truly world-class, and which provide genuine [...]

Whangarei (New Zealand) Mayor backs ban on GMOs

Whangarei Mayor Stan Semenoff has strongly endorsed calls for the Northland and Auckland Regional Councils to ban field trialing or release of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) until all issues surrounding them are resolved.
Whangarei District Council’s environment committee today unanimously supported an inter-council working party recommendation to prohibit GMO trialing and release until liability, economic costs [...]

NZ Poll Rejects GE Animals

Most New Zealanders are strongly opposed to the genetic engineering of animals in New Zealand, with farmers as ardently opposed as the rest of the community, a new survey shows. A Colmar Brunton Omnijet survey of over 1000 people, commissioned by the Soil & Health Association of New Zealand and the national animal advocacy organisation [...]

GE Protest Against The End Of A GE Free NZ in Wellington

Today’s 9am ERMA GE hearing in Wellington will begin with a 8-30am protest outside the Terrace Conference Centre, St Johns House, 114 The Terrace. Today’s hearing is in response to the New Zealand Racing Board’s attempt to gain approval to import for release genetically modified vaccines (Proteqflu and Proteqflu Te) to protect horses against Equine [...]

Clean Streams sham shows need for dairy shift

Auckland, New Zealand - The failure of the Clean Streams Accord shows the urgency of a shift to less intensive dairying in New Zealand, says Greenpeace.
The Accord’s failure has been outlined in a Forest and Bird/ Fish and Game report out today.
“The intensification of New Zealand’s dairy sector is an environmental calamity and also our [...]

National policy again ignores the obvious

Greenpeace welcomes National Party plans to research the reduction of on-farm greenhouse gas emissions in New Zealand, but says there’s plenty for farmers to be getting on with in the meantime. “Research is important as we move forward, but it shouldn’t be used as an excuse for the agriculture sector to sit on its hands,” [...]

New Zealand’s Government covers up GE animal suffering

The NZ Government is covering up animal welfare and other concerns about AgResearch’s genetic engineering facility at Ruakura by refusing to answer any parliamentary questions about the research, says Greens Co-Leader Jeanette Fitzsimons.
Research, Science and Technology Minister Pete Hodgson has declined to answer a raft of written parliamentary questions; for example, “How many genetically modified [...]

National’s forestry policy ignores the obvious

Auckland, New Zealand - National needs to tackle corporate dairy farming’s role in deforestation if it wants to truly improve forestry in New Zealand, says Greenpeace. “Corporate dairy farming is driving current rates of deforestation,” said Greenpeace Senior Climate Campaigner Simon Boxer. “Tens of thousands of hectares of forests have already been felled to make [...]

Greenpeace calls on MPs to back Greens’ Fisheries Act amendment

Wellington, New Zealand - Greenpeace is calling on all MPs to back a Green Party initiative to amend the Fisheries Act, expected to be debated in Parliament today.
“New Zealand needs to bring its fisheries law into line with international best practice.  The Fisheries Act and the Quota Management System is failing to ensure New Zealand’s [...]

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