Fall Of The Republic Exposes How Financial Terrorists Are Imposing Global Enslavement

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While the criminals who have hijacked the world financial system continue to pose as saviors and swallow up more power in the name of fixing the very problems that they created, Alex Jones latest documentary blockbuster Fall Of The Republic exposes the real agenda of the financial terrorists who have bankrupted America in their quest for world domination and global serfdom. The majority of Fall Of The Republic is devoted to an in-depth investigation into how the vultures of global corporatism exploited the engineered financial meltdown to begin the step by step implementation of their economic new world order - a parasitical financial system expertly crafted to benefit the elite few while destroying the living standards of the middle class and sinking the planet into a new dark age.

The film opens with an analysis of Brand Obama and why the cult of personality that has been built around the President makes him far more of a danger to America than Bush could ever be.

Max Keiser, G. Edward Griffin, John Perkins, Wayne Madsen and others discuss how Obama’s continuation of the Bush financial policy proves that he is merely a front man for the same banking interests that have ruled America since the introduction of the Federal Reserve in 1913.

The film explains how corporations were allowed to be transformed from relatively small and scrutinized operations to the position they occupy today, transnational behemoths that dictate the rules to governments, the press and the people through their monopolized ownership structures.

The goal of the men who run these global corporations and the banking oligarchies that are allied with them is the complete subjugation of free enterprise in America and a general lowering of living standards via Malthusian policies of micromanagement and oppression, as the film documents.

The demise of the dollar and its replacement with a global currency controlled solely by the IMF and the World Bank is the next step in the agenda to centralize world financial power into the hands of a rapidly decreasing inner circle of elitists.

The second half of the film exposes Obama’s lies in a way yet to be witnessed in documentary format, surpassing even The Obama Deception in its devastating demolition of the notion that Obama represented a “change” from the policies enacted under George W. Bush.

From executive signing statements to the continuation of war and electronic surveillance, to his hiring of lobbyists, to prosecuting those who tortured, and particularly his promise to freeze taxes for those who earn below $250,000 a year, Obama has betrayed every promise he made before even reaching the end of his first year in office.

Crucially, Fall Of The Republic devotes times to an exploration of how all this tyranny is being accomplished with relatively little unrest on behalf of the masses, through social engineering and sophisticated public relations brainwashing being carefully massaged into popular culture, Hollywood, sports, and television.

Perhaps the most important segment of the film is devoted to how the fraud of man-made global warming is being interwoven into every aspect of our lives in order to mandate the plan for a global carbon tax along with stifling levels of bureaucracy, regulation and control.

Climatologist Timothy F. Ball, Ph. D explains how the establishment has used intimidation, smear and fear as a means of silencing skeptical voices by equating any doubt towards man-made global warming with holocaust denial.

Webster Tarpley highlights how radical environmentalists and fanatic Malthusians now find themselves in positions of key advisory roles to Presidents and Prime Ministers, overseeing the agenda to equate the life cycle itself as an assault on Mother Earth while calling for genocidal policies of mass population reduction.

Fall Of The Republic expertly exposes how cap and trade and the carbon trading market being set up by people like Al Gore and the Rothschild family will benefit to the tune of billions and eventually trillions of dollars the very people who are claiming it is needed to combat the manufactured hoax of man-made climate change.

The film documents how the legislation being passed in the name of combating climate change does little other than crush free enterprise and introduce nightmare levels of federal government power while doin

The final topic covered in the film is the issue of how local and state law enforcement is being taken over at the federal level as cops are trained to be secret police and treat every American citizen as a potential terrorist. The movie exposes how preachers, boy scouts and girl scouts, and the public in general are being trained to spy on the American people in federally operated Stasi-style informant programs.

Northcom is moving hundreds of thousands of active duty troops inside the United States to deal with expected unrest as the takeover of the country accelerates, allowing the nation to be looted and stolen in broad daylight.

The film ends by offering the viewer a choice. Either American citizens can follow the hundreds of nations that have fallen to tyranny over the last few centuries alone, or they can draw a line in the sand and say enough is enough by beginning to take back and restore what once was America.

Future generations will look back at this moment in history and learn about how it was either the time when the planet fell into the merciless grip of a high-tech tyranny, or when free-thinking people all over the globe rose in unison to defend the most basic rights of mankind against the rampaging, bloodthirsty, inhumane and dictatorial force of the new world order.

Fall Of The Republic is just one of many tools that will aid the planet in waking from its collective slumber and coming to the understanding that if we don’t stop this agenda in its tracks now, a never-ending dark age for humanity could once again envelop the world and make our current problems look like a relative utopia in comparison with what the global elite have planned for us over the next 100 years.

Fall Of The Republic lands on October 21st. Order the DVD here or watch the film in high quality online at Prison Planet.tv by clicking here to subscribe.

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