July 2008

Which Renewables?

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Life cycle assessments are revealing just how much we can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and save on energy use with different renewable options. The electricity industry currently contributes about 37 percent of the world’s carbon emissions, predominantly from burning fossil fuels while electricity is generated [...]

Vested interests alter deal– Minister kept in dark

Grave Concern over the Deterioration of the Human Rights Situation in the Occupied Palestinian Territory

10 Facts About Oil and Gas

Indian farmers shun GM for organic solutions

Mapua Report Shows Systemic Problems With Environmental Protection

Organic food ‘good for you’ says EU

William Shatner, Sierra Club Fight Global Warming

NZ Kiwi Fruit Growers Must Keep it Natural

IRAN: Growing Threat & DEADLINE Meets Growing Opposition

Keith Olbermann, Crazy Like a FOX?

Nuclear Reactor revival is NOT ready for prime time

Southern African wetland region to become world’s largest protected freshwater site

California Agriculture With a Twist: ‘Carbon-Capture’ Farming

Serbia: “The Banality of Evil”

Pakistan’s New Government Must Reveal Truth about Enforced Disappearances

UFO’s Real and Here - Confirmed by Astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell

Farmers Markets: Think Local as Well as Organic

Neil Young Documents Anti-War Tour In Film

Austria bans Monsanto’s GE maize

Study: biogas from manure could generate energy for millions in the U.S.

UK Parliamentary Group: Peak Oil threatens development in poor countries

Climate Camp Is Back

Can Flying Ever Be Green?

Grassroots Protect Rainforest Shoots

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