May 2008

A New Universal Global Alliance For Biodiversity Protection Established In Bonn

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Bonn -Representatives of 191 Parties and over 100 ministers have produced significant new measures to increase the network of protected areas and to negotiate an international set of rules on access to and sharing of the benefits of the rich genetic resources of the world. [...]

The Great Oil Swindle?

Maui & Hector Dolphin news roundup - plan fails to guarantee species’ survival

Greenpeace claims North Pacific Whale hunt delayed after Japanese whaling crew “ordered to stay at home”

Top Aussie chefs launch major initiative opposing GM foods

Top U.S. Scientists and Economists Call For Swift, Deep Cuts In Global Warming Pollution

World’s rarest rhinos make first video trap appearance - then toss camera

Book review: Inside the Bush White House and Washington’s culture of deception

Uncontacted tribe photographed near Brazil-Peru border

It’s About the Votes, McCain

Pens And Swords

American Complicity

What’s Really Driving The High Price Of Oil?

The Girl Effect Video

Getting out of the food crisis

Vote in EU poll on biofuels

Save an Acre, Stop Climate Change

Overcoming Nuclear Danger conference at Harvard University

End All Conditions on Aid

The World Torpedoes Ocean Fertilization

“Systemic” Human Rights Abuses Dominate Chevron Annual General Meeting, Casting Shadow over CEO and Record Profits

OANZ Organic News - The Organic Science of Farming

US National Climate Assessment Finally Released — Scientists: Effects Will Be Deadly, Bush spokesperson: Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Anti nuclear demonstrators arrested, one activist remains missing

Inquiry into Taser-related deaths before any NZ decision

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