Obama’s Change Leaves By The Back Door

Three days after Barack Obama’s election victory, the initial moves by the president-elect to prepare his administration already show that his policies will be determined not by popular expectations, but by the domestic and foreign policy interests of the American financial and corporate elite.
Obama and Democratic congressional leaders are well aware that these policies-further measures [...]

Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss

The messianic fervor which has preceded Barack Obama’s expected ascension to the White House has alarming implications for freedom and is a painful reminder that most Americans have once again been suckered into believing that the two-party monopoly offers any kind of solution to the crisis that we face. For eight years during the term [...]

Blue Virginia

Virginia and the rest of the old South always voted for Democrats for president when the Democratic party stood for racism, and for Republicans when the Republican party stood for racism, until tonight. Virginia just voted for a Democrat for president, while the Republican party still carries the banner of racism.  In fact, the Republican candidates [...]

American Democracy and how to vote – run for your life!

It has not been very often recently that I blog on my own website preferring simply to report the news as other people see it, but with the elections happening in America in the next few days it is too good an opportunity not to pass up the opportunity to comment on it. It is [...]

Gore Vidal et al to Obama: Do Not Concede!

An Open Letter to Senator Obama and the Democratic Leadership: On Election Night, DO NOT CONCEDE! “Eight years is too much” is how Barack Obama explained why we must win the coming election and begin to restore America. But, even if we receive the most votes, will we win the election?
Both of the [...]

How and Why David Swanson Just Voted

Having spent the past several years trying to end wars and militarism, I have just voted for a presidential candidate who seems intent on expanding them. Having won the Democratic primary largely on the strength of his extremely limited and inconsistent opposition to the war on Iraq, Senator Barack Obama chose as his running mate [...]

Twelve Reasons To Reject Obama And Support Nader/McKinney

The presidential elections in the US, once again, provide an acid test of the integrity and consequential conduct of US intellectuals. If it is the duty and responsibility of the public intellectual to speak truth to power, the recent statements of most of our well-known and prestigious public pundits have failed miserably. Instead of highlighting, [...]

The 2008 US Recession, Military Keynesianism And The Wars In The Middle East

In the first part of 2007, there was a striking coincidence between two kinds of speculative talk - speculation about the then impending recession in the US economy, and speculation about an open war by the US against Iran. Both forms of speculation were rife when the US’s financial crisis had just started. As the [...]

Why I Am Supporting The Candidacy Of Cynthia McKinney

A recent think piece in the Washington Post declared that this has been “a transformative year for women in politics.” This pronouncement was based primarily on Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin’s attempt to brand herself as a feminist who happens to hold opinions contrary to traditional feminist values and important changes like women not having [...]

Thirteen Election Integrity Experts: E-Voting Problems and How to Stop Them

“Where nothing can go wrong… go wrong… go wrong…” So went the tagline for “Westworld,” the chilling 1973 thriller about a resort where the androids go off the rails. Fiction? Hardly. In 2008, we have our own version of an electronic frontier fraught with machine failure. It’s called the U.S. electoral system, a decentralized mess [...]

ES&S Touch-Screen Votes Now Flipping in TX Too! Obama/DNC Attorneys Still AWOL!

State After State, ES&S iVotronics Are Flipping Democratic Votes to Republican! What You Can Do About It, And Where the Hell Are Those ‘Thousands’ of Obama/DNC Attorneys?… This is just getting worse and worse. Now it’s happening in Texas. (And in MO, if you read to the end of the article). And the vaunted “thousands [...]

Chomsky, Zinn, And Obama

Another Election Day approaches and I’m reminded of something the late Pakistani dissident, Eqbal Ahmad said about Noam Chomsky in the book, Confronting Empire (2000): “He (Chomsky) has never wavered. He has never fallen into the trap of saying, ‘Clinton will do better.’ Or ‘Nixon was bad but Carter at least had a human rights [...]

Not Only McCain Palled Around With Pinochet

The Huffington Post has dug up, and the Daily Kos and everybody else are commenting on evidence that McCain held a private secret meeting with Chilean dictator and torturer General Augusto Pinochet. But this is not just a story about John McCain’s hypocrisy (what a shock that would be!). It’s a teachable moment, and in [...]

Rep. Sherman Feels Heat for Reporting on Threat of Martial Law

Congressman Brad Sherman said on the floor of the House that a few Congress members had been told there would be martial law in America if they did not pass Paulson’s Plunder. Here’s video. Sherman has not retracted that statement. He has not suggested that the Congress members who had told him that didn’t really [...]

US Elections: It’s Already Stolen!

Don’t worry about Mickey Mouse or ACORN stealing the election. According to an investigative report out today in Rolling Stone magazine, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Greg Palast, after a year-long investigation, reveal a systematic program of “GOP vote tampering” on a massive scale. Republican Secretaries of State of swing-state Colorado have quietly purged one [...]

A McCain “Win” Will Be Theft, Resistance Is Planned

If your television declares John McCain the president elect on the evening of November 4th, your television will be lying. You should immediately pick up your pre-packed bags and head straight to the White House in Washington, D.C., which we will surround and shut down until this attempt at a third illegitimate presidency is reversed.
A [...]

Does The Bailout Pass The Smell Test?

The explanation that has been given for the financial crisis does not match up with the solution that has been devised. Moreover, the windows into the crisis offered by the authorities are opaque rather than transparent.
The only clarity we have is that the crisis is resulting in financial concentration and that the bailout constitutes a [...]

Committee To Seek Bush War Crimes Prosecution

Massachusetts law school Dean Lawrence Velvel will chair a Steering Committee to pursue the prosecution for war crimes of President Bush and culpable high-ranking aides after they leave office Jan. 20th. The Steering Committee was organized following a conference of leading legal authorities and scholars from the U.S. and abroad convened by Velvel on Sept. [...]

Lies, Damn Lies, and Polls

David W. Moore, who worked for Gallup for 13 years as managing editor and senior editor of the Gallup Poll, has a new book out denouncing most polls by Gallup or anyone else as useless, and explaining that this became obvious to him when he first began work at Gallup, raising the obvious question of [...]

Ayers? What About Colson and Liddy?

The desperation of the McCain camp over its sagging fortunes is nowhere better revealed than in its ridiculous attacks on Barack Obama for sitting on the same board of a Chicago philanthropy with William Ayers, a onetime bad boy in the Weather Underground.
Apparently, it means nothing to McCain and Palin that over the past forty [...]

Will Homeowners Have to Pay Unaffordable Interest Rates AFTER bailout?

I would like to ask a question about the bailout.  The question comes out of ignorance, or perhaps because I’ve seen so little (or no) reference to it in the media.  The questions is:  under the bailout, what will happen to the mortgage rates paid by persons who have adjustable rate mortgages?  These persons often [...]

Congratulations, Corporate Crime Fighters! Coup Averted For Three Days!

Friends, Everyone said the bill would pass. The masters of the universe were already making celebratory dinner reservations at Manhattan’s finest restaurants. Personal shoppers in Dallas and Atlanta were dispatched to do the early Christmas gifting. Mad Men of Chicago and Miami were popping corks and toasting each other long before the morning latte run. [...]

The Creation Of The Second Great Depression

Whenever a Great Bipartisan Consensus is announced, and a compliant media assures everyone that the wondrous actions of our wise leaders are being taken for our own good, you can know with absolute certainty that disaster is about to strike. The events of the past week are no exception. The bailout package that is about [...]

Bailout Round II: A New Shade of Lipstick

The House of Representatives voted down Paulson’s Plunder on Monday, 225 to 208. Here’s why: We demanded a No vote and for the first time in recent memory we were listened to. Thank you! Three cheers for the American people! Now is not the time, however, to rest on our laurels. Speaker Pelosi is almost [...]

Vets Occupy National Archives - “Arresting Bush and Cheney for war crimes will honor our oath to the Constitution,” vets say.

On Tuesday morning, September 23, 7:30am, at the front of the National Archives Building on Constitution Ave. in Washington, D.C., five military veterans will risk arrest as they climb a 9-foot retaining fence and occupy a 35-foot high ledge to raise a 22×8 foot banner stating, “DEFEND OUR CONSTITUTION.  ARREST BUSH AND CHENEY: WAR CRIMINALS!”   
The [...]

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