Big Blue March for whales

Australia - Join a world march for whales this Sunday, 27 May. Wear something blue and join a sea of people on the Big Blue March to oppose whaling.

Thousands around the globe will wear blue and march against whaling this Sunday� on the eve of the International Whaling Commission (IWC) meeting in Anchorage, Alaska.Join the Bondi Big Blue March

If you can’t make the Bondi march, sign up at Greenpeace I-Go and start your own Big Blue March in your town.

Queensland mum saving world’s whales
The Big Blue March idea comes from Queensland mum, Anne-Marie Van Hees, who set up her campaign on the I-Go website with her son. Her idea went global and this Sunday thousands of people in cities around the world will bring her campaign to life, giving voice to the world’s whales in danger.

Anne Marie and her four children will join The Big Blue March at Bondi.

Get filmed at the Big Blue March
If you are at the Bondi Big Blue March, look out for the Greenpeace whales activity tent. We’ll be making a giant origami whale banner using more than 20,000 origami whales sent to Greenpeace by supporters this year. At 3pm, we will photograph and film the Big Blue March to send to the delegates at the IWC meeting. Show your face so the IWC can see how passionate people are about saving whales.

Or upload your own message for whales on the I-Go site.

The IWC meeting: Anchorage, 28 May 2007
The whales are still not safe. At this year’s IWC meeting, Japan and its allies will again try to overturn the global ban on commercial whaling. Japan will try to justify its “scientific whaling” which exploits a loophole in the IWC’s charter. This year, the Japanese government will hunt 1000 whales, including 50 humpbacks. These are same whales that migrate along the Australian coast and island nations of the Pacific and support a vibrant whale watching industry worth millions of dollars.

Greenpeace will be in Anchorage to lobby IWC member nations. We will urge them to overturn the St Kitts and Nevis Declaration. And, we will ask the IWC to publicly condemn Japan’s scientific whaling program for what it is - commercial whaling in disguise.

Join our campaign to save whales:Join the Fickr Big Blue March Group and post your photos!

Join the Big Blue March�

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