And the most shameful corporation of the year is…Blackwater Worldwide

More than 10,000 voters, like you, cast ballots online and in the mail in Corporate Accountability International’s annual Corporate Hall of Shame, and Blackwater out-shamed them all. Blackwater Worldwide is a for-profit corporation of trained soldiers and “security professionals.” Some find it more instructive to label them mercenaries. Flush from more than $1 billion in U.S. military contracts, Blackwater is now expanding its services to include a “private CIA” for Fortune 500 corporations.

Please help us continue to expose and challenge corporations like Blackwater with a donation today. Needless to say, corporate dollars don’t line our pockets. Our strength depends upon you and thousands across the globe that share your concerns about corporate power and greed.

Just last week, Blackwater was raided by federal agents in a firearms probe. At the same time, fellow inductee Wal-Mart was assessed $2 billion in fines for skirting Minnesota labor laws.

The list of abuses goes on and we aren’t afraid to call them to account. Why? Because our cause is just, and we have thousands of people like you on our side.

Please donate today to support the Corporate Hall of Shame and Corporate Accountability International’s tireless and strategic efforts to challenge corporate abuse.

This year, Corporate Hall of Shame voters chose Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) as the runner-up. ADM is an agribusiness giant, and one part of their business relies on clearing Indonesia’s woodsy wetlands, or “peatlands,” to create palm plantations. The result? A whole lot of palm oil and a whole lot of global warming pollution.

Please support the work of our committed, experienced, highly skilled campaign staff today. With your help, we’ll continue to build on our track record of challenging abusive transnationals like Blackwater and ADM well into the future.



Kelle Louaillier
Executive Director

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1. Mike Brady - July 18, 2008

This vote was a great idea, and one that I promoted. Its purpose is to raise awareness and to shame corporations. We also need more effective systems for holding corporations accountable.

Professionally I work in monitoring an industry sector around the world and taking action to hold it accountable to international standards.

This has led me to think a great deal about more effective ways of holding corporations accountable when national measures prove ineffective. To this end, I took part in a Task Force of the UN System Standing Committee on Nutrition to investigate the use of current human rights norms to argue that nations have a collective responsibility to hold corporations accountable. How this might be better achieved in practice is discussed in detail in the chapter I contributed to the book resulting from this project, called “Global Obligations for the Right to Food”.

Amongst the proposals is for a global regulatory system. I have developed this proposal further and submitted it for inclusion in the Simultaneous Policy, which is being developed as part of a global democratic movement bringing people together around the world to debate, develop and approve the policies they wish to see implemented to address global problems. The proposal goes under the title: “World Transnational Corporation Regulatory Authority”.

I would very much appreciate your views on these proposals and to discuss any common ground we may have in pursuing this or similar proposals.

You can find further details of the proposal and the book on my blog at:

2. ValentineNoreen31 - February 25, 2011

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