Mind Reading Machines: The Next Step If We Accept Naked Body Scanners

It is Christmas 2012 and I have a story to tell. Three years ago on a cold Christmas day in 2009, a Nigerian national without a passport was aided on board a plane from the Netherlands bound for Detroit by a mysterious sharp dressed man. The Nigerian had a small amount of explosives in his underpants which he attempted and failed to detonate. Two weeks later the U.S. government ordered the Department of Homeland Security Department to acquire $1 billion in advanced-technology equipment, including naked imaging body scanners, for screening passengers at airports, pushing all foreign governments to do the same. Previous efforts to ban the use of such invasive technology suddenly became secondary to a mass media driven effort to champion the scanners as the grand solution to future security breaches at airports. Dissenting citizens were told to “Shut up and get scanned already” and the machines became commonplace by the end of 2010 in all airports despite fierce opposition from freedom advocates.

Now everyone, including children must step through the naked imaging machines, not only in airports, but also at other public places, such as train stations, stadiums and any other large public gatherings. In early 2011, however, the naked body scanners failed to stop a man of Yemeni descent being escorted onto a plane by another sharp dressed man in an American airport and attempting but failing to blow it out of the sky. The man said he was seeking revenge for attacks on his country by U.S. military forces. By the end of 2011, governments all over the world had implemented, in all public places, mind reading technology, which had been in development since the mid 2000’s. Now, under something called “Project Hostile Intent”, everyone is remotely screened by passive scanners that pick up brain waves in order to to determine whether they intend to commit violent or terroristic acts.

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Almost all forms liberty have been replaced by a greater need for safety against terrorism and America has adopted wholesale the Israeli model of security. But alas, now on an extremely cold Christmas day in 2012, I have just read that the mind readers have failed to stop a man without a passport being helped on board a plane bound for New York and trying to blow it up. Now the media and the government are calling for traceable microchip implants for everyone. Oh how I wish more people would have stood up to the freedom stripping technology in 2010 before it had gotten this far!

Coming tomorrow: Notes from 2016 on the mass implementation of placing everyone in sealed pods in response to the failed Christmas day “escorted onto a plane by yet another sharp dressed man” bomber. OK, that’s not coming tomorrow, but you get the idea.

 Steve Watson
Friday, Jan 8, 2010

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