Investigate Magazine Vindicated in Police Corruption Case

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The magazine whose investigation forced the Independent Police Conduct Authority to investigate corruption in Dunedin Police says the Labour-led government now has no option but to call a Royal Commission of Inquiry into the Police. Investigate magazine editor Ian Wishart was heavily criticised by Police Minister Annette King in 2007 when she relied on evidence from Police Commissioner Howard Broad’s friend, former policeman Peter Gibbons, to smear Investigate and one of its sources Wayne Idour over claims of corruption in Dunedin.

Wishart and Idour were subjected to an attack by King under the cloak of parliamentary privilege, stemming from Broad and Gibbons’ assurances to King.

However, at the time of the attacks Investigate had already assembled information that Peter Gibbons – the Government’s key source in convincing the media and the public there was no need for a Commission of Inquiry – was a corrupt cop.

Investigate published that information, including official company and property documents proving Gibbons had, as a private investigator with a lucrative contract to assist the ACC  – used his police officer son in law Andrew Henderson to obtain police search warrants favouring Gibbons’ private business dealings.

The magazine investigation, later re-printed and updated in Ian Wishart’s new book Absolute Power, left the Independent Police Conduct Authority with no option but to launch a formal investigation into the activities of Gibbons and the Dunedin police who had corruptly assisted him.

Ian Wishart said today that the new report is not only damning for Police Commissioner Howard Broad, but also Police Minister Annette King.

“Here is a Police Commissioner who, when faced with detailed claims of criminal activity by Dunedin Police, concocted a fabricated story with his friend and corrupt cop Peter Gibbons to mislead both the news media and the public of New Zealand.

“Here is a Police Minister, Annette King, who relied on this fabricated story to try and destroy the reputation of former police officer Wayne Idour, and Investigate magazine.

“At the end of the day, King and Broad got what they wanted: no Commission of Inquiry into the Police. The media and the public were played for suckers by the police hierarchy and their Minister,” said Wishart.

“Annette King should resign in disgrace. Her own credibility was put on the line when she chose to take the word of a corrupt cop, over the documented evidence provided by Investigate.

“Howard Broad should resign for a number of reasons, but this IPCA report confirming the corruption of his mate and co-conspirator should be the final nail in the coffin lid of the Police Commissioner’s career,” said Wishart.

“Every single defence that King, Broad and Gibbons raised against calls for an inquiry into police corruption have now been found to have crumbled. There must now be a Royal Commission – the media and the public of NZ should demand it.”

Wishart added that much more specific detail of Peter Gibbons corruption, including tipping off suspects in advance of drug raids, and lying on oath in court, are contained in the book Absolute Power. There is also hard evidence that Gibbons and one of his police colleagues regularly obtained pornographic movies for police functions, such as the one held at Howard Broad’s house that featured a bestiality movie, which goes directly against Howard Broad’s version of events that he told reporters last year.

“I’m sure police and the Minister will try and spin this IPCA report as much as they can, but the bottom line is this: there is indeed corruption in Dunedin Police. How can the public trust the verdicts in any of the cases these police have worked on? This has massive implications. Heads must roll.”




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